Vibrating Liner Keeps Material Moving – Keep material accumulations from clogging chute and burying cleaners.

Liner Cuts Buildup – Low-friction UHMW lining promotes material flow without accumulation. Each liner is 1/2″ thick by belt width and 36″ in length. Custom size liners can be made at customers’ request.

“Isolation” Bracket Protects Chute – Rubber-lined bracket transfers vibration to liner without metal fatigue.

Rugged Vibrator Provides Precise Performance – 115 Volt 60HZ Single Phase (with switchbox) Electric Vibrator provides 480 lbs of Force with durable performance. Other vibrators are dependent upon chute size and are available by customers’ request.


Prevents built-up released be secondary conveyor belt cleaners from sticking to the rear slope of the dicharge chute.

  • Reduce Maintenance Time
  • Prevents Built-Up
  • Powerful Vibrator
  • Steel Mounting Bracket
  • Constant Vibration
  • Custom Sizes Available

Product Specifications

Applications – Coal fired power plants, underground mining, coal preparation plants, aggregate metals (copper/gold) mining, mineral (phosphate, potash, salt) mining.

Part Numbers

Dribble Chute Vibrator System

Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight lbs
M-ASG-DCV-18 18 450 54
M-ASG-DCV-24 24 600 58
M-ASG-DCV-30 30 750 62
M-ASG-DCV-36 36 900 65.5
M-ASG-DCV-42 42 1050 69
M-ASG-DCV-48 48 1200 73
M-ASG-DCV-54 54 1350 77
M-ASG-DCV-60 60 1500 80.5
M-ASG-DCV-72 72 1800 88
M-ASG-DCV-84 84 2100 95.5