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Safely Inspect Your Conveyor Equipment While it is Running with ASGCO Chute Inspection Doors


Allentown, PA – January 20, 2009: ASGCO has long recognized the importance of ensuring safety in the workplace. ASGCO’s new Inspection Door allows for safe visual inspection of conveyor equipment while the conveyor is running.

The ASGCO Chute Inspection and Access Doors are a necessary part of any material handling system. By looking through the removable inspection screen guard, standard on every door, it is now possible to check the condition of the equipment inside the chute without access to moving parts and the risk of injury. The surfaces slope away from the door panel on the interior side of the screen to prevent material build-up from accumulating, reducing fire hazards due to PRB coal.

By adding an inspection door to your existing head chute, blade change-out and chute clean-out are easier then ever.

  • Safety – inspection screen guard standard on every door for the ability to safely inspect equipment while it is running.
  • Low Profile Steel Construction – with EPDM dust seal that can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees F to 200 degrees F.
  • Available in 3 standard sizes: 12” x 12”, 12” x 18” and 18” x 24’
  • Quick and easy installation



Contact ASGCO today for more information on ASGCO CHUTE INSPECTION DOORS at 1-800-344-4000.