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Wash Box Self-Contained Secondary Belt Cleaning System


Allentown, PA – June 18, 2009: The ASGCO Wash Box is installed as a secondary belt cleaner and is designed to work on the return side of the conveyor belt. Testing has proven that by adding water sprays to your belt cleaning systems you can achieve 75% more carry-back removal. Each fully enclosed, galvanized or stainless steel box is equipped with a combination of pressure rollers, spray bars, Razor-Back belt cleaners and dry-wipes. It can also be customized to meet your exact needs. The nozzles apply a low-volume, high pressure water spray which softens the carry-back and provides lubrication to maintain effective cleaning pressure. The Wash Box system is fully enclosed to contain the waste fluid which can be recycled or drained into the plant pump. Included in the box are 2 removable service doors on each side, along with a wash down hose, for easy access and maintenance of the cleaners and sprays.

The ASGCO Wash Box provides the highest degree in belt cleaning technology to meet all your specifications and help eliminate your housekeeping / carry-back problems.



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