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ASGCO® Solves Chronic Spillage and Belt Tracking Problems at Large US Waste Recycling Center.


Objective: Persistent belt mistracking at this waste-to-energy recycling facility was causing consistent and problematic spillage and belt damage. These issues lead to safety concerns from falling material, as well as the need for constant housekeeping, severely impacting employee morale. Continual...

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ASGCO® Eliminates Belt Tracking Issues with Low Profile Tru-Trainer®


Objective: Eliminate belt tracking issues that are resulting in major belt damage and spillage from contact with steel conveyor supports. Challenge: For many years this conveyor had a hydraulic three return Idler belt training system that wouldn’t properly keep the conveyor belt...

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ASGCO® Helps Northeastern US Coal Burning Power Station Improve Material Flow and Reduce Maintenance Costs


Objective: To improve material flow and reduce dust spillage and maintenance issues Challenge: Constant abrasion from high moisture bituminous coal was causing serious wear and plugging on flow chutes at a major Northeastern US coal burning power station. ASGCO® 3-DEM®...

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ASGCO® Helps Power Plant Reduce Dust Levels by 60%


Current guidelines for combustible dust control are critical to any safe operating coal fired power plant or any operation that is handling materials that can create combustible dust. The tripper floor at this power plant had a large unhealthy volume...

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ASGCO® Products Solve Fugitive Material Containment Problems at a Northwestern Coal Fired Power Plant.


Industries: Power Industry This northwestern coal fired power plant was experiencing tremendous amounts of coal escaping through the load zone area. There were several issues that needed attention. The belt was mis-tracking in the impact area of the load zone...

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ASGCO® Skalper Belt Cleaners Reduce Carry-back Dust at a Midwestern Power Plant


Objective: Eliminate carry-back, reduce housekeeping, minimize safety issues, reduce maintenance needs and extend blade life Challenge: Excessive buildup of material carry-back and dust from inadequate belt cleaners, resulting in housekeeping and safety issues, combined with OSHA’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis...

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Improving Conveyor Belt Tracking and Reducing Airborne Dust on a Redesign of a PRB Coal-Fired Power Plant Conveyor Transfer System


This transfer point was a major problem area for the PRB coal yard. While in reclaiming operation, the chute would build- up and plug when running wet coal or during freezing conditions. Chute heaters, vibrators and internal baffles were added,...

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ASGCO Wash Box System Prevents Carry-back and Keeps Dust to a Minimum at a PRB Coal Fired Power Plant


In today’s coal burning power plants, it is essential to keep carryback and dust to a minimum. With power plants having to cut back on maintenance crews to service these conveyors, belt cleaners get overlooked, and very seldom get cleaned...

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3-DEM Solves a Major Transfer Chute Problem at Northeast PRB Coal Fired Power Plant


This transfer point was a major problem area for the PRB coal company. While in reclaiming operation, the chute would build up and plug when running wet coal or during freezing conditions. Chute heaters, vibrators and internal baffles were added...

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ASGCO Improves Operating Efficiency of PRB Coal-Fired Power Plants Conveying System


This area of the coal handling system was a major issue for the plant for several reasons. Due to the current OSHA NEP combustible dust requirements, has made it mandatory for many PRB coal fired power plants to address any...

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3-DEM Solves Another Major Transfer Chute Problem at a Northeast Biomass Power Plant


While discussing the challenges with key employees, and doing a thorough analysis of the plant, we discovered some of the problems that were occurring, including; issues with conveyor belts not getting cleaned properly as well as tensioning systems on the...

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