Objective: Eliminate belt tracking issues that are resulting in major belt damage and spillage from contact with steel conveyor supports.

Challenge: For many years this conveyor had a hydraulic three return Idler belt training system that wouldn’t properly keep the conveyor belt in line.  The plant was facing constantly downtime to repair the hydraulic system.  Even when operational, the belt would veer off of center and come into contact with the structural supports, leading to critical damage to the belt and costly material spillage.  To further complicate this application, the conveyor also has less than 13” of height to mount any type of return training roller.  Options for eliminating the tracking problem were extremely limited by these space restrictions.

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Solution: After surveying the conveyor and taking key measurements,
the ASGCO® Engineering department developed the Low Profile Dual
Return Tru-Trainer with a height of only 11.8”. This new low-profile
design was installed to replace the previous failing system to actively
and continually recenter the belt.

Results: After installing two Low Profile Dual Tru-Trainers® about 20′
from each stationary pulley, the belt is maintaining center alignment and
the problem of belt damage and material spillage has been eliminated.
The customer no longer has to shut down operations to repair the belt
and the hydraulic system, or to spend valuable hours cleaning up
spilled material. Performance has been greatly improved and productivity
is at an all time high. This particular customer is very satisfied with the
performance of the Tru-Trainers®, and recently placed an order for two
additional for a different 60” Stacker Reclaimer Conveyor.


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