Conveyor Belting - Light Duty

ASGCO®’s lightweight belts are designed to meet the demanding requirements for a wide variety of industries and applications. From bakeries and package handling to airport baggage handling, our lightweight conveyor belt is made to order to meet your specifications in size, fabric, compounds, colors and top cover profiles. With quality built into every belt, they’re made to last. ASGCO® distributes conveyor belting and accessories from leading industry manufacturers to end-user customers in our local and Mid-Atlantic territories.

Belt Styles/Fabrication

ASGCO® offers a broad range of belting styles consisting of many different cover materials, patterns, and tension members to optimize your conveyor system. Please see our full product brochure and belt charts for more information.

ASGCO® combines our innovation, engineering and experience to provide custom fabrication solutions to improve conveyor efficiencies.

Perforation Capabilities

Computer activated, extremely accurate. Hole sizes range from 1/16” to 1”. Any hole pattern can be created, send us a drawing. Competitive prices and fast turnaround from our automated system, which produces highly accurate hole size and placement.


Our A30W2F belt with our hot covered splice and our perforation is a sure success for any sanding application.


Curved belts for all radius in industrial and food-grade applications.

corrugated boxes and paper converting

ASGCO® offers proven solutions for all of your conveyor belting and accessory needs, meeting your specific challenges with a wide variety of corrugated box and Paper Converting applications including:

  • Stackers
  • Die Cut In-Feed
  • Scrap Take Away
  • Folding Rail
  • Counter Ejector

accessories and equipment

ASGCO®’s Excalibur® Good Grade Belt Cleaner and our Tru-Trainer® Food Grade Belt Training Idler, are both designed and proven for lightweight conveyor belting in the food and material handling

Excalibur® Conveyor Belt Cleaner

  • Easy Snap-on Blade Install
  • No Tools to Install / Replace Blade
  • Electro-polished Stainless Steel
  • Precise Pressure Tensioning System
  • Complete Disassembly in Seconds
  • For Light Duty Thermoplastic Belts
  • FDA/USDA Accepted Materials
  • Meets all Sanitary Requirement







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