Objective: To prevent belt tracking issues before the critical curved areas of the belt,
causing belt damage.

Challenge: The challenge was to track a horizontally curved, overland primary
crusher belt before it gets to a critical mis-tracking stage and eventually damages
the belting system. This would be an exceptionally difficult challenge due to the
harsh environmental conditions of the operation. They had been using conventional
guide roller trackers which continually failed, causing belt damage.

Case Study_TT Before and After_web

Solution: ASGCO® recommended a series of Tru-Trainer® Tapered Troughing Idlers
be installed before the curved section of the belt. This would center the belt before those
critical areas, avoiding the possible loss of material due to belt mis-tracking on these
high speed and high tonnage loads on the overland crusher belts.

Results: This new generation of Tru-Trainer® Tapered Troughing Idlers is very easy
to install thanks to its’ unique design concept. As the taper wing rollers are inline, it
operates on both on Uni-directional or Bi-directional conveyor belts. The tracking is
done by the tapered wing rollers which are lagged and can be easily adjusted between
25°- 55°. The tapered wing rollers ensure that the idler activates immediately as the belt
moves off center. ASGCO®’s Tru-Trainer® Tapered Troughing Idler’s superior belt tracking
performance is saving the mine money due to less spillage, less downtime and less belt
wear. The customer was ecstatic with the number of units correctly installed in the minimal
allowable time for their maintenance window.

  • Exceptional Performance – The combination of the tapers Case Study TT 1_web
    and unique center pivot, provide fast, reactive and
    continual tracking in all conditions
  • Individual rollers for easy replacement – Both the taper
    and center roller can be individually replaced as wear occurs.
  • Enhanced Center Pivot – The unique heavy duty pivot
    design provides instant activation to centralize the belt
    to keep it running center.
  • Maintenance Free – Bearings do not require any greasing
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