April Solutions 2014

ASGCO®’s Clamp-Mount™ System With Dura-Seal™ Skirtboard Sealing Compound Solves Transfer Point Spillage Problems at Aggregate Quarry.



April Solutions 2014 Problem and SolutionToday’s aggregate industry is filled with several great challenges. First and foremost is to produce enough aggregate while not costing a small fortune in the process and to be environmentally conscious. Aggregate plants today cannot afford unscheduled downtime in the middle of their busy season because of problems associated with material spillage. ASGCO® worked for many years with a major trap rock quarry in a very competitive marketplace in the northeast United States, to help solve their problems and improve overall conveyor efficiencies.

The most critical issues they faced were from material spillage and escaping dust at the load zone in and around the transfer point. Improper containment caused material build-up on the idlers and tail pulley, tracking issues, punctures to the bottom cover of the conveyor belt and premature idler failure. In addition the bellowing dust caused scrutiny from outside groups and low employee morale. The clean up efforts around the running conveyor systems were a serious safety hazard, while another more obvious result was the loss of sellable materials.


After careful inspection, it was determined that many of the most common dust and spillage issues around the load zone could be prevented with proper material containment. Abrasion resistant skirting with quick release clamps was a key element to help prevent material spillage and dust from escaping and creating problems in and around the transfer point. It was recommended that they use ASGCO’s Clamp-Mount™ System with Dura-Seal™.

ASGCO® has developed the industry’s premier containment system to handle these problems before they cause lost production. ASGCO®’s proprietary Dura-Seal™ is the toughest and most cut resistant material available anywhere. Dura-Seal™ provides exceptional skirtboard sealing in abrasive environments and impact areas where cut and gauge is a problem, especially in aggregate and hard rock mining applications. Available in a variety of thicknesses and widths, Dura-Seal™ can effectively be installed vertically or angled depending on the specific belt design. When used with ASGCO®’s patented Clamp-Mount™ skirtboard system, Dura-Seal™ can be easily replaced for wear, with minimal downtime.


“Conveyors are the major arteries to any plant and putting the best components on those conveyors will always yield high returns.”