ASGCO® TORO™ Secondary Belt Cleaner Installed at This Recycling Facility Solves Major Carry-back Issues.

Challenge: This recycling facility needed to solve their carry-back issues by containing the lightweight fabric dust that easily becomes airborne and causes a huge mess. They were spending about three hours before each shift cleaning these areas before they could begin their actual work. The application was a bit challenging because they did not have large enough chutes to catch the material being cleaned.

Solutions: The facility was using homemade brushes but knew they weren’t doing the job. Installing ASGCO®’s TORO™ Reversing Belt Cleaner with urethane blades was recommended to provide a secondary belt cleaner that would clean the material off of the belt and keep it contained within the chute, reducing the time spent cleaning up every morning. 


Results: TORO™ Secondary Belt Cleaners exceeded the customers expectations resulting in practically zero cleanup time at the beginning of the shifts.  After the two systems were initially bought, they bought four more and will be buying four more to finish out their problem areas inside the plant.  Blade wear has also exceeded the customers expectations and they’ve bought replacement cartridges loaded for quick and easy replacement.