ASGCO®’s Retractable Razor-Back MDX® System with Split Block Spring-Shoc Tensioner Solves Critical Carry-back Problem at Copper Mine

Challenge:  This copper mining facility needed to remove the residual carry-back material
from the primary belt cleaner to run more efficiently and to reduce downtime. They were
having to clean once a week, taking took up to 3-1/2 hours each time, causing increased labor
for housekeeping.

Solution: It was recommended to install (4) Retractable Razor-Back MDX® System withSolutions - June2016-JH_Before After
Spring-Shoc® Tensioner Systems. Installation of (2) Retractables with V-Tips close together
with a snub idler between them and another set of (2) Retractable Razor-Back MDX®’s
with U-Tips, 20 feet away to squeegee the water off. The Retractable Razor-Back MDX®
cleaning system with it’s slide-out cartridge can be easily accessed and removed without
breaking the plane of the conveyor, decreasing downtime, allowing for safe, access and
ease of maintenance. The long-wearing, abrasion resistant blades maintain a consistent
edge against the conveyor belt.

Solutions - June2016-JH_1

Results: The customer is extremely pleased with the System. The cartridge simply slides
out from one side, the tips of the blade are cleaned off and/or serviced, and then slid back in
without breakingthe plane of the conveyor. The area is now spotless and the cleaning time
has been greatly decreased now and only takes 15 minutes compared to the 3-1/2 hours it
used to take. And the Spring-Shoc® Tensioner keeps positive pressure across the belt.

Solutions - June2016-JH_2