Impact Cradle Beds Handle The Heavy Duty Impact Demands On Limestone Mine Crusher Feed Belt

Challenge: This limestone mine was experiencing lost production time and high operating costs due to belt damages on their Crusher Feed Belt (caused from tramp metal and large bolder perforations). The load zone ran through a cement tunnel which also caused a challenge for servicing of traditional impact beds, traditional idlers, and antiquated skirting adjustment fasteners.

Solutions: In order to prevent increased damage to the conveyor belt as well as insuring a stable well controlled Load Zone, ASGCO® recommended the use of Modular Impact Cradle Beds and Internal Urethane Canoe Liners in conjunction with, MDX Skirt Clamps and ORG Skirting Compound to help reduce impact and control spillage. To contain roll back of material in the chute area, the use of a Tail Box added to the back of the existing chute was implemented. Tru-Trainer® Tracking Idlers where installed to insure the conveyor belt was centered on the system entering the Load Zone. This was done to help keep the applied load material in the middle of the conveyor belt.

To reduce and contain the dust from escaping the Load Zone area, Dust Curtains where specified to control air flow in the transfer point and reduce blowout of dust at the exit of the Load Zone.

Results: ASGCO®’s integrated Load Zone system drastically increased the belt life by eliminating the Load Zone’s vulnerable, unsupported gaps. Installing multiple Impact Beds in the Load Zone has helped to seal the transfer point by supporting the belt’s edge on a flat surface that allows the skirting to work more effectively. All Load Zone spillage and dust challenges were eliminated which reduced the plant’s operating cost and downtime.