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Gillette, Wyoming Facility Becomes Master Distributor for CCI Conveyor Pulleys


Allentown PA – December 8, 2011: We are pleased to announce our Gillette, Wyoming facility is now a master distributor for CCI Conveyor Pulleys. CCI, a Division of Martin Sprocket and Gear, incorporates manufacturing and sales facilities worldwide. Similar to ASGCO, CCI is proud to offer exceptional service and high-quality conveyor products, with fast delivery times on stock and custom orders.

CCI offers a full line of conveyor pulleys; drum, turbine, wing, spirals and custom style engineered class pulleys, shafting, bearings and take-up frames. CCI’s Mine Duty Drum Pulleys uses a minimum 3/8″ rim (up to 20″ diameter), 1/2″ minimum rim on 24″ and larger diameter, 1″ minimum end discs and 3/8″ center discs. Each Mine Duty Drum Pulley features a two piece rolled rim, which has been fabricated on either of our flat or custom crowned roll machines. The rims are trimmed and hydraulically seated around the heavy end discs to ensure maximum concentricity. Once the pulley is formed, CCI utilizes a double or triple pass submerged arc weldment to ensure optimum connection of its individual components.


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For more information, contact:
Steve McKenna (Service Manager)
2901 E. 2nd Street
Gillette, WY 82178
Fax: 307-686-3695