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New Super Skalper® XC™ Blades for Primary Belt Cleaners


Allentown, PA – September 10, 2012: The Super-Skalper XC™ primary conveyor belt cleaning system can tackle the toughest carry-back applications. The massive blade provides carry-back removal for high-speed belts, large head pulleys and large sizes and volumes of material, typically found in below and above ground mining. The new XC™ Blade has the same unique blade design as the Super-Skalper® Blade but with ceramic beads embedded evenly into the polyurethane one to two inches up from the edge of the blade. The XC™ blades wear longer than standard blades and can be used for speeds of 1400 fpm (7m/sec). For heavy duty, high speed and high abrasion applications, the Super-Skalper® XC blades are the right choice to easily remove abrasive materials.



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