ASGCO Steel Fabrication Division

ASGCO® Lehigh Valley Steel Fabrication boasts 30,000 square feet of in-house Metal Fabrication and Machining. This workspace allows us to provide custom quality-controlled components and assemblies that support the requirements of machine builds as well as enables us to deliver a fast turn-around time. We have extensive CNC plasma and laser cutting equipment, machining equipment, including CAD/CAM machinery for CNC milling, drilling, turning, and grinding operations on all types of metal and plastic materials. Our specialties lie in CNC horizontal turning, vertical 5-axis milling, horizontal milling, and high-speed machining. With those particular capabilities, we are able to precision machine parts from 1″ to 120″.


Our metal fabrication engineering and machining teams know their trades and value quality, accuracy, and on-time completion of their work. Both teams work together to manufacture components integral to ASGCO’s custom design build and build-to-print equipment, as well as provide job-shop CNC machining and fabrication services for clients. ASGCO’s in-house abilities demonstrate our full-service commitment to clients and ensure exceptional quality control of our manufactured components. For a full list of ASGCO’s steel fabrication equipment and capabilities, see our metal fabrication and machining equipment list below. Whether you need help with computer automated design, aluminum welding, metal spraying, vibratory finishing, or welding repair—get in touch with us today. We’re your source for steel fabrication in the Lehigh Valley area.


The great thing about a CNC lathe is that it takes human error out of the equation, allowing us to quickly and accurately cut through a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, chromium carbide, and cement. If you’re working on a tight schedule, we will work hard to meet your needs without sacrificing quality. Here at ASGCO®, we specialize in CNC turning using a horizontal lathe. If you need to use metal cutting to produce several copies of a specific object, this process ensures that you get a uniform product with a beautiful finish each time. We can even handle CCO or an AR400 abrasion steel plate. If you are a local steel supplier that needs a hand with steel laser cutting, contact us today. ASGCO® will use CAD software along with the best laser cutting equipment to get the job done right. We can produce chutes and automobile components as well as liners.


Our press brake is the perfect tool for lighter grade sheet metal. ASGCO® offers custom metal bending and forming, making precise shapes that meet your specific needs. Our operators can use mechanical design and program in a number of different bends, factoring in the degree of the bend, the length of flange, the kind of material, and the amount of thickness. We’ll create almost any type of composition you can dream up. Once your design has been entered into our top-quality CNC software, we can easily clone the prototype as many times as you need. In addition to our production fabrication services, our team can also help with sandblasting and metalizing. Contact ASGCO® to find out more about our professional fabrication services.

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