Challenge: The customer did not have easy access to the splicing area on this conveyor system. The tail pulley was obstructed by both the equipment and the surrounding structure. In order to string the belt on such an elevated, inclined conveyor, the belt would need to be held over top of the system with a crane, which would bring up safety concerns, posing an additional challenge for the installation. The elevation and incline also made transporting the vulcanizing equipment much more difficult.

Solutions: ASGCO® recommended using the Quarry-Duty™ 3 ply 600 PIW 3/8” x 3/32”, 42” wide by 700’ long textile reinforced conveyor belt which is highly engineered for steep-incline conveying. The extra strength meets the grueling demands of this heavy-duty quarry conveyor system. A crane was needed to hold the belt over the system during the stringing and a man lift was needed for the non-catwalk side. The product was also installed with AR1 covers for added protection.

Results: The high adhesion, lower elongation and superior field performance of the Quarry-Duty™ conveyor belting is engineered to protect the belt from wear and tear. The vulcanized splice is much stronger than a mechanical splice and makes for a smooth transition as the belt travels through the belt scrapers. This long-life conveyor belting met the customer’s needs and provided a long-lasting, quality solution.



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