Fabrication & Welding

ASGCO®’s Steel Fabrication Division team of trained and highly-skilled welders are ready to meet the challenges of your project. Multiple welding stations combined with our experience in a wide variety of metals means ASGCO®’s Steel Fabrication Division can provide you with quality workmanship, on time, the first time.

Fabrication & Welding

ASGCO’s Steel Fabrication Division experienced welders pride themselves on attention to detail. Our welders are certified and trained to meet both industry and our customers’ specifications.

Our capabilities can accommodate single-part projects or higher volume production runs, and we can handle a range of material thicknesses—from thin-gauge sheet metal to heavier structural plates.



  • Mild Steel Plate welding using the GMAW process

The gas metal arc welding process works with a variety of materials from any welding position. An excellent material that is versatile and cost-effective is mild steel plate, so using it is a great way to keep your costs low. Whether you are trying to piece together a car frame, pipeline, fencing, or cookware — our team at ASGCO® can provide the welding services that you need. Mild steel has good ductility so that it can be bent, cut, twisted, and stretched out without fracturing. Therefore, it is an excellent material to weld and form to the specific shapes that you need.

  • Stainless Steel Plate welding using the FCAW process

Stainless steel is a bit more expensive than mild steel, so it is essential to turn to an experienced welding company that will not be wasting your materials. Because stainless steel is not very susceptible to bacteria, it is perfect for medical equipment as well as food-prep tools and brewing equipment. It also holds strong in very cold and hot temperatures, so this material works well with piping. ASGCO® will use flux-cored arc welding on your steel, which creates a protective slag over the welding bead that keeps the quality and finish of the weld intact.

  • Aluminum Plate welding GMAW and GTAW

Aluminum is more affordable than steel, but aluminum has a lower melting point and higher conductivity. It can also crack and be burnt through (with thin sheets) more easily. When working with this material, you need a professional who knows the proper techniques when it comes to cleaning it, working with it, and storing it. But when best practices are followed, aluminum welding results in a shiny finish, whether you use the GMAW or GTAW process. With its corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum is excellent for automotive and aerospace applications.

  • Pipe Welding GTAW, FCAW and GMAW

If you are trying to combine multiple sections of piping, pipe welding can be advantageous overusing screwed fittings, which would have to be placed at every single joint. A screwed pipe system is also more susceptible to leaks and vibrations, and it can cause turbulence and fluid resistance within the pipe. Our dedicated team at ASGCO® will select the proper process and equipment, based on the position, wall thickness, and final usage. We can offer FCAW, GMAW, and GTAW pipe welding, considering your specific needs. For example, FCAW can yield top-quality, consistent welds with few defects while GMAW can be done quickly, making it great for large product runs.

  • Stud Welding capacity to 1”

Whether you are trying to build a ship, a bridge, a car, or an industrial furnace — our stud welding service may be just what you need. The great thing about the fast, cost-efficient, clean, and safe stud welding process is that it provides an almost invisible and robust connection between stud and metal. The strength of the weld can be even greater than that of the stud or the parent material, meaning that the weld may last longer than the product does. A stud weld can also be used with items that are painted or pre-coated.

  • Complex Weldments

When you create a casting, it can be a bit of an investment. Meanwhile, pre-engineered weldments help make the manufacturing process easier and faster, but they must be done right. No matter how complex your needs may be, we can provide the right welding solutions for you. Not every company has in-house welding knowledge that is needed for working with all types of pipes, components, and weldments. That is why you should turn to the experts at ASGCO® today. We can handle your request — whether you are manufacturing a single item or a huge product run.

Choosing the perfect material and the right welding process is very important, especially since aluminum, steel, and stainless steel each have distinct characteristics as well as their different strengths and weaknesses. Also, working with aluminum may require a filler material to support it. Either way, the experts at ASGCO® will consult with you, helping you make the right informed decision for your particular project. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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  • Aluminum

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