Objective: Address safety concerns for unsuspecting employees, as well as, visitors in close
proximity to the overland conveyors. The measures were also put in place to bring the
conveyors in compliance with MSHA and OSHA standards in regards of proper guarding.

Challenge: This coal mine facility faced many challenges, as all bulk handling facilities do. Overcoming obstacles
in improving the safety of their conveyor system was a top priority. These type of conveyor systems have a tendency
to mis-track causing the belt to cut into the hanging metal brackets holding the return roller in place. If and when
the bracket gives way the large return roller will be sent tumbling downward creating a dangerous safety hazard.


Solution: After a thorough inspection of the conveyor it was pointed out that in addition to resolving
the belt mis-tracking issue there needed to be further changes made to ensure safety in the workplace
and to comply with OSHA and MSHA requirements. It was recommended that they install ASGCO®
Safe-Guard™ Return Idler Cages to protect the return rollers and objects from falling, preventing
injuries to workers and equipment.


Results: ASGCO® Safe-Guard™ Return Idler Cages were installed in the work areas and along
the roadways to catch the return rollers if they fell. This brought the conveyors into compliance
with MSHA title 30 regulations and helped the mine to reach it’s safety compliance goal!
The customer was very pleased with the success.


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