Objective: Eliminate carry-back, reduce housekeeping, minimize safety issues, reduce maintenance needs and extend blade life

Challenge: Excessive buildup of material carry-back and dust from inadequate belt cleaners, resulting in housekeeping and safety issues, combined with OSHA’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (NEP) have made things very difficult for this Mid-western coal-fired power plant.  The increased labor for housekeeping issues and the possibility of strict fines added increased emphasis for this power plant to improve its belt cleaner systems.

Recommendations: Following a complete conveyor survey and review of the systems requirements, the ASGCO® Skalper® Belt Cleaners with E-Z Torque™ Tensioner were best suited to address all areas of concern for these applications.

Skalper IV Coal Fired Power Plant Case Study_image 1

Results: After months of daily use, the Skalper® units have provided excellent cleaning. Reduced hours on housekeeping, safety issues, and wash downs. Belt tracking issues due to return idler build-up has been eliminated. Manpower and maintenance time has also been greatly reduced due to the effective performance of the E-Z Torque™ Tensioner which has also greatly extended their blade life.

  • Skalper® (patented) one piece blade maintains an effectiveSkalper IV Coal Fired Power Plant Case Study_image 2
    cleaning edge throughout the life of the blade
  • E-Z Torque™ (patented) torsion style tensioning system provides
    a constant consistent tension throughout the life of the blade
  • Quick blade change outs and minimal maintenance

Maximum Belt Speed – 1000 fpm (5.0 m/sec)
Pulley Diameter – 16” – 36” (400 – 900mm)
Applications – Coal Fired Power Plants, Hard Rock Mining,
Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Aggregate and Mineral
(Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining

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