Challenge: The customer had a large/reoccurring spill problem on top of their 140’ Silos.  A drag chain conveyor fed a 30’ long, 24” wide reversing conveyor that filled their two Silos with wood pellets for their Rail Loadout. Originally the idlers were spaced out 4ft apart and did not offer proper support for the belting or skirting. This allowed fugitive material to escape the skirting, causing excess spillage, leading to poor housekeeping and dangerous conditions.

Solutions: We installed a total of 20’ of ASGCO® Slide-N-Roll Beds and 6 Slide-Lers. We configured 10’ of Slide-N-Roll Beds directly under the load point in the center of the conveyor. Next, we used an ASGCO® Slide-Ler and a 5’ Slide-N-Roll Bed on each end of the conveyor, followed by transitional Slide-Lers on each end of the conveyor. Once we had the system properly supported, we recommended ASGCO® Multi-Seal Skirting in conjunction with ASGCO Double Handle Skirting Clamps.

Results: By adding the modular ASGCO® Slide-N-RollTM Beds and Slide-LersTM now the conveyor belt was properly supported, creating a consistent plane for the ASGCO® Multi-SealTM Skirting to properly seal the material being conveyed. This reduced the spillage clean up time from 20 hours to 4 hours per month.

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