Objective: Solve belt mis-tracking and off center load issues

Challenge: An aggregate quarry had multiple issues that were keeping the conveyor belt off-track. They were experiencing severe off-center loading issues, along with belt tracking and alignment problems. The conveyor itself was ‘racked’ and not straight which meant it was not receiving it’s load uniformly. The mis-tracking was causing the belt edges to become frayed and worn, chewing up the sides of the belt. On several occasions, the belt became so severely mis-aligned, that it came in contact with the idler brackets and was sawing through them, leading to catastrophic damage to the belt, and causing extended downtime for the plant’s operations.


BEFORE PICTURE: Conventional training idlers installed on non-carrying side pushing belt up with material build-up around the pivot.
AFTER PICTURE: Tru-Trainer® Flat Return Idlers installed on clean side of belt, pushing down to take the tension out and align belt.


Recommendations: After ASGCO®’s technicians performed a complete survey of the conveyor system, the problem issues were identified.  It was recommended that the Tru-Trainer® Flat Return Troughing Idler be installed on the return side of the conveyor.  The Tru-Trainer’s internal pivot triggers continuous alignment by always tracking the belt to the center of the conveyor, reducing edge damage, spillage and overall better conveyor belt tracking performance.

Results: The customer had purchased Tru-Trainer’s from us before and knew how reliable and re-active they were. After installing the Tru-Trainer® Flat Return Troughing Idler, the belt is continually running straight in the frame.  Because it reacts immediately if the belt begins to steer off center, the belt edge damage has been greatly reduced and the off-center loading issue has been minimized. The customer was very pleased and will continue to order Tru-Trainer’s® to keep the belt aligned.

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