Objective: To Greatly Reduce the Airborne Irritable  Dust Levels and the Residual
Material From the Belt

Challenge: This Trona mine lent itself to high concentrations of extremely irritable dust.
The mine was over 1500 ft deep, going through the waterline. The existing cleaners were
not heavy duty enough to handle the high speed belt and high pressure water.

Recommendations: ASGCO®’s engineering department listened to their concerns and
recommended designing and installing a customized stainless steel Mine Duty Wash Box™
system with a wider, deeper box that included specialized high pressure nozzles and
plumbing to withstand 750 psi, Retractable Razor-Back® secondary cleaners with Spring-Shoc
tensioners and custom designed mounting brackets to meet the customers special requirements.
The self-contained belt cleaning system also contained heavier duty pillow block bearings for
high speeds and work loads.

Wash Box_Befor and After_web

Results: The ASGCO® Wash Box™ provides the highest degree in belt cleaning technology.
Air quality tests performed, have proven that the airborne dust levels in the plant showed
a huge reduction and are almost normal fresh air quality. The Residual Materials test showed
how well the customized system worked. In addition the underground mining support and
service ASGCO® provides is second to none!Wash Box 1_web

  • Complete belt cleaning system that incorporates a series of
    spray bars, belt cleaners and pressure/deflection roll to
    maximize effectiveness and virtually eliminate all carry-back.
  • Fully enclosed system that contains the wash waste fluid and
  • Large removable service doors allow for easy inspection and
    service access
  • Can be customized to meet exact application needs
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