Objective: To solve major carry-back issues in a minimum of clearance space for clean up.

Challenge: This sand and gravel plant was experiencing massive build-ups of carry back.
The challenge was to be able to install a conveyor belt pre-cleaner that could eliminate the
carry-back and provide better cleaning efficiency in an extremely limited space. Manual
excavation everyday with continuous high pressure water on the ground was being used
to prevent the build up. This process caused increased labor and housekeeping problems
and became very costly to the customer. Also the water on the floor surrounding
the conveyor was contaminating the product. 

Recommendations/Solution: To eliminate the carry-back problem within the limited space, the
recommendation was to install ASGCO®’s Mini-Skalper® IV system with E-Z Torque® Tensioner.  
This pre-cleaner is designed for small diameter pulleys where space and size is a factor. ASGCO®’s
Mini-Skalper® IV system is ideal in situations where the head pulley is less then 16” (400mm)
in diameter or tight locations.


Results: After installation of the ASGCO® Mini-Skalper® IV pre-cleaner, the need for continuous high
pressure cleaning was eliminated. Clean up is now reduced to once every other week. The belt operates
much more efficiently, spillage has been virtually eliminated, and the lifespan of the belt will increase
dramatically. This plant now experiences much less downtime, requires far less clean up and promotes
a much safer working environment for its employees.

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