Objective: To eliminate belt slippage problems while minimizing belt wear.

Challenge: This cement plant’s stacker conveyor was experiencing tremendous belt slippage problems that the conventional rubber lagging they were using failed to correct. The harsh wet and cold environmental conditions were tough on the belts and caused the rubber lagged pulleys to wear out quickly. The customer had been adamantly opposed to the use of ceramic pulley lagging, feeling it was too tough on the conveyor belts. A solution was needed that would correct the belt slippage and wear problems while addressing these concerns at the same time.


Recommendations/Solutions: After careful consideration it was recommended to use ASGCO®’s NEW Semi-Ceramic™ Pulley
Lagging to correct the slippage and premature wear. This lagging product line features 40% ceramic coverage which addresses
the customer’s concern about the use of ceramic lagging on the belt, while also providing the solution for the slippage that can
tear at the back of the belt. This new, improved lagging is excellent in wet or muddy conditions, such as those present at this
cement plant. The increased traction delivered by the ceramic allows for lower belt tension and less downtime caused by the
excessive wear of the rubber lagging. ASGCO®’s Semi-Ceramic™ Lagging was a ‘win-win’ scenario for the customer.

Results: After 6 months of use there has been ‘zero’ (0) wear on the belt and ‘zero’ (0) wear on the lagging. The condition of the belt
continues to look as good as the day the newly lagged pulleys were installed. Since the ceramic strips are wider  than the competitor’s
strips, there are less seams and less chances for fugitive material to get under those seams and break it down. The customer is very
satisfied with this new product!

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