Objective: To Reduce Down Time When Changing Out the Return Rollers While Also Creating
a Safer Working Environment

Challenge: The only way to change the return idlers on this 72” incline conveyor enclosed
in a tube, was to crawl under the conveyor in a curved/sloped application while packing
a 130 pound roller. This was also a very difficult and unsafe environment to work in making
the procedure very timely and energy consuming. This resulted in both lost production
time and maintenance resources.

Solution: ASGCO® recommended to replace the standard return roll brackets with the Safe-Guard®
Return Roll Changers allowing the maintenance personnel to safely remove the return idler from
the catwalk side of the conveyor. The Safe-Guard® Return Roll Changer also provides pinch point
protection between the idler and the belt while the conveyor is running.

Case Study_Return Roller Changer_ 3_web

Results: The Safe-Guard® Return Roll Changer became a real game changer for the customer. Not only
did it allow them to replace their return idlers in a fraction of the time it previously took (probably 75% less time),
reducing costs, but the process is now much safer. The workers no longer have to kneel under a conveyor belt
in a curved, sloped, and sometimes slippery conveyor tube while trying to physically lift a 130 lb. return idler
in place. The customer is so pleased that he has ordered several more!

Case Study_Return Roller Changer_ 2_web

  • For universal mounting, Safe-Guard® Return Roll Changer can Case Study_Return Roller Changer_ 1_web

    be mounted on either side of the conveyor system.

  • One Side Return Roller Access allows removal and replacement
    from a single side of the conveyor.
  • Provides pinch point protection to prevent injuries.
  • Reduces maintenance time for roller replacement.
  • Eliminates need for high lift equipment.
  • All steel construction coated finish with industrial grade powder.
  • Can be customized to fit any manufacturer’s roller.
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