Challenge: Aggregate plant was experiencing severe mistracking in the center drive and the gravity take-up section of the conveyor. The mistracking had rubbed and damaged the conveyor structure and a solution was needed to prepare for Spring Crushing Season. During ASGCO®’s on-site inspection, it was discovered that both the Bend Pulley and the Snub Pulley had severe wear and the current trainer was ineffective.

ASGCO® presented a plan of action to address the mistracking in the center drive/gravity take-up section that included ultrasound testing of the exposed pulley drums to determine the thickness and the ability to relag in place. The upper bend pulley was too worn out for relagging and was replaced by the customer. ASGCO® relagged the lower bend and the snub with ASGCO®’s Semi-Ceramic Pulley Lagging to increase the life span of lagging compared to rubber-only lagging. ASGCO® also removed the old ineffective traditional return trainers and installed 60” Heavy Duty Tru-Trainers, placed 30′ before and after the center drive of the gravity take-up section.

By removing the uneven worn lagging and replacing it with ASGCO®’s Semi-Ceramic Pulley Lagging we eliminated the possibility of uneven diameter pulleys influencing belt tracking by creating a consistent pulley diameter across the face of the pulleys. This allowed the heavy-duty Tur-Trainers® to be most effective, by not allowing unevenly worn pulleys to work against the adjustments the Tru-Trainer® made to the belt tracking. The customer was thoroughly impressed with ASGCO®’s full spectrum of services, the walk-down, report, solution presentation and ASGCO® tech’s execution of plan. The conveyor is now tracking in center of all pulleys in the center-drive and gravity take-up section.

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