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Conveyor Analysis Program


ASGCO Complete Conveyor Solutionscontinues to provide bulk material handlers ways to cut operating costs and down-time along with improving the safety of their operations. ASGCO provides a complete on-site survey of all the conveyor systems involved in each plant and produces a comprehensive report based on this inspection.

ASGCO’s trained professionals walk each belt line looking for potential problems involving tracking issues, belt condition, chute flow problems and potential safety hazards. This intense diagnosis will identify critical areas of improvement to alleviate spillage along with fugitive material along the belt line. Once the survey is completed, a computer generated report is created to include pictures and information regarding each situation found on the particular belt line, along with products and systems designed to alleviate those problems. This helps establish a baseline point of reference on each conveyor indicating what needs to be fixed urgently to what can upgraded in the future to make each conveyor run to its full operating design.


The ultimate goal of ASGCO’s conveyor analysis program is to identify areas of immediate improvement as well as sites of future issues before they happen.


This forward thinking approach will reduce unscheduled downtime, extend the life of the components to their full manufactured potential, and create a much safer environment for operators.