Heavy Duty Conveyor Belting

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Aggregate, Cement, Mining, Recycling, Coal-Fired Power, Biomass and Bulk Shipping Terminals 

ASGCO® is a ContiTech Master Distributor for the Mid-Atlantic United States. They carry a broad selection of both steel cord and textile reinforced conveyor belts, service/repair materials and special engineered products for mining, machine and equipment construction and many other branches of industry.

ContiTech’s performance based conveyor belt technology represents safe, reliable, cost efficient and eco friendly operation above and below ground.

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Introducing our new ASGCO®-ContiTech Conveyor Belting Brochure

ASGCO® stocks thousands of feet of belting, offering the most complete conveyor product range in the market for quarries, cement, aggregate, bulk shipping terminals, recycling, coal and coal fired power plants.


ASGCO® Conveyor Belting

ASGCO® is one of the largest stocking distributorsConveyor Belting Brochure_web
of conveyor belt in the eastern United States.
We represent the highest quality conveyor belt
manufacturers from around the world to assist our
customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility
to become more efficient, safe and productive.

As a conveyor belt products distributor, with over
200,000 feet of conveyor belt in stock, ASGCO® is
committed to providing all of your conveyor belt
products requirements.


Abrasion Resistance: We offer a variety of compounds that will perform in abrasive applications such as crushed stone, trap rock, ore, taconite and other abrasive applications.

Cut and Gouge Resistance: We stock a large amount of “straight-warp” conveyor belting with specifications that will deliver longer life in high abuse applications such as primary and secondary crushers with heavy impact and sharp rock and recycling applications handling metals and glass.

Straight-Warp: is up to 2-4 times more tear and rip resistance of conventional belting for your tough primary crushing and recycling applications.

Heat Resistance: This product offering consists of compounds withstanding hot material such as cement clinker in the cement industry, hot asphalt belts and bottom ash applications in the power industries.

Oil Resistance: We supply belt for the recycling, wood and pulp and paper industries.

Flame Resistance: These compounds consist of MSHA approved conveyor belts for above ground prep plants and power plant applications, above ground mining and underground mining.

Specialty: We offer a large variety chevron conveyor belting and have fabrication capabilities for specialty cleats and sidewalls as seen in recycling, asphalt, pulp and paper industries.

Quarry-Flex Belting

ASGCO®’s Quarry-Flex™ conveyor belt is engineered to provide excellent rip, tear and impact resistance as seen in hard rock mining (limestone, granite, trap rock and other aggregates) and recycling applications. The unique straight-warp carcass construction provides the impact resistance up to three times greater than conventional plied belting, while offering excellent troughability and tracking properties.

ASGCO®’s unique straight-warp Quarry-Flex® carcass is constructed
to provide:
  • Impact and rip resistance up to three times of standard multi-ply belts of equivalent rating
  • High strength and minimal stretch or elongation when conveying large loads.
  • Excellent load support combined with outstanding troughability due to its lightweight, flexible design.
Quarry-Flex™ will provide the longest belt life in the harshest conveying conditions, guaranteed.

ASGCO® Stocks the Following Specifications of Conveyor Belts 
Quarry Duty II Conveyor Belts (180 DIN)

• 2 ply 220# 3/16 x 1/16 covers
• 2 ply 220# 1/4 x 1/16 covers
• 3 ply 330# 3/16 x 1/16 covers
• 3 ply 330# 1/4 x 1/16 covers
• 3 ply 600# 3/8 x 3/32 covers

Mine Duty I Conveyor Belts (125 DIN)

• 1 ply SW 450# 1/4 x 1/8 covers
• 1 ply SW 450# 3/8 x 1/8 covers
• 3 ply 600# 3/8 x 3/32 covers
• 2 ply SW 700# 3/8 x 1/8 covers
• 2 ply SW 700# 1/2 x 1/4 covers

Specialty Conveyor Belts

High Temperature (500F) Conveyor Belts

• 2 ply 220# 3/16 x 1/16 covers
• 3 ply 330# 1/4 x 1/16 covers

Chevron MOR (Moderate Oil Resistance) Conveyor Belts

• 2 ply 220# 1/8 x 1/16 covers