Lift Bed – Diverter Plow


Belt Cleaning System Allows for More Discharge Points 

The Lift Bed – Diverter Plow™ is a pneumatically operated impact bed that lifts the conveyor belt from full trough to zero (0°) into a stationary diagonal plow. The urethane diagonal plow, which includes two Spring-Shoc™ tensioners, enables the lift bed to apply the proper tension and not pinch or damage the belt. This increases production and allows the belt to experience a limited amount of stress, eliminating the opportunity for premature wear and stretching.


Features & Benefits

Excellent Performance – allows users to fully clean and
divert materials at designated locations.

Diagonal Plow – discharges material from one side of
the belt. It can be discharged on either side of the conveyor
as specified by the customer during design.

Spring-Shoc™ Tensioners – with impact absorbing
rubber cushions ensure maximum tension is applied to
clean all material from the belt.

Simple to Use – can be automated by either the push of
a button or set-up on a timer or PLC system.

Eliminates Pre-Mature Belt Wear and Stretching –
by allowing the belt to experience a limited amount of stress.

Designed – with a rugged steel structure for the toughest
of mining environments and conditions including such
as those in asphalt, aggregate, coal and cement industries.