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Conveyor Training School Services Expanded


Even the most innovative products in the industry need proper installation to function properly. That was the driving idea behind ASGCO’s conveyor training school (ACT™). ASGCO® Manufacturing, the worldwide leader in providing the most effective products for bulk material handling, is proud to offer expanded training services for all customers. ASGCO® Conveyor Training (ACT™) offers classes created to provide plant operation teams with the highest quality instruction to solve bulk material handling concerns. This thorough and intensive training program will ensure that the on-site maintenance team receives the proper education needed to make the industry’s best products function to their maximum potential.

ACT™ involves 2 days of classroom and conveyor time providing solutions to the most common conveyor issues such as mis-tracking, spillage and dust control. Students will then get “hands-on” time in ASGCO®’s state of the art conveyor training room, installing components on a full-size working conveyor. ASGCO®’s experienced staff will demonstrate the ease of installing and maintaining virtually all of ASGCO®’s industry leading conveyor components. Service teams will gain the experience needed to easily install and/or maintain all areas of their plant’s conveyor system in a virtual, controlled environment. Custom programs can also be developed for more specialized needs.


ASGCO’s training seminars include:

Conveyor Training School Fundamentals and Safety
  • Introduction and identifying components of a conveyor
  • Advanced fundamentals to a conveyor system
  • Conveyor Safety
Increasing Overall Efficiency
  • What is fugitive material; it’s causes, effects and costs
  • Problems created by carry-back, spillage and dust
  • Conveyor belt mis-tracking causes and cures

ASGCO®’s Business Development & Training Manager, Jeff Jurasits explains, “Even the most innovative products in the industry need to be installed correctly. If a plant’s equipment is not applied properly, it will not run efficiently. Our goal with the enhancement of ASGCO®’s ACT™ program is to provide front line operators with the training and instruction they need to ensure that their systems will operate at their fullest potential. Having trained service crews to maintain and service conveyor systems is extremely valuable – whether it’s the plant’s own employees or contractors working on site- to keep conveyor systems continually running longer and producing more. Today’s service crews must be up-to-date on all of the latest splicing, installation, service and maintenance technology. The ACT program provides the most thorough process in the industry. Program graduates leave fully prepared to apply their training to their own conveyor systems. It gives them great confidence and improves overall facility production immensely. ”

ASGCO® also provides onsite and classroom training in conveyor safety, certified splicing and component installation. Maintenance programs also are available.

Today, ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” headquartered in Allentown, PA is recognized as the worldwide authority in bulk conveyor material handling systems. ASGCO® is focused on developing cost effective and technologically advanced products, specifically designed for optimum conveyor performance and will continue to strive to make the handling of bulk materials more productive, safe and efficient.

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