ASGCO Flo-Control™ Chutes

ASGCO® Flo-Control™ transfer point solutions solve the problems of material flow from the discharge pulley, through the chute until it reaches the receiving belt conveyor.
After analyzing the flow of the material we incorporate a “Hood” deflector as the material leaves the discharge pulley. This “Hood” deflector with adjustment control allows for fine-tuning of the material stream to direct the material for optimum flow. The receiving end or bottom end of the conveyor, ASGCO® utilizes a “Spoon” design to ensure uniform direction of the material without impact to the chute or the receiving conveyor belt.

Flo-Control™ Chute: Fabrication-Installation

A team of certified service technicians, working with our engineering staff, create, fabricate and install all of the components. The new chute and spoon design allows for the material to load directly onto the center of the receiving belt, flowing in the direction of belt travel. Airborne dust and spillage is virtually eliminated with the new chute and spoon.

Chute Wear Liners

ASGCO® manufactures a variety of conveyor wear liners with many options and sizes to choose from. Designed to handle any tough hard rock mining application. Abrasion resistant, modular, high- wear material to line belts, chutes, and bin impact areas; ASGCO wear liner products are the longest lasting, most cost effective in the industry. click here.

  • Increase Production Capabilities
  • Optimize Belt Life & Components
  • Ensures proper belt tracking
  • Minimize Material Spillage
  • Minimize chute and belt impact
  • Reduce Need For Dust Control
  • Prevents Plugging

The new chute can incorporate a hood insert or a complete remodeling of the entire top and bottom of the transfer point. The head chute will direct the materialdown through a lower Spoon section that will direct the flow in the direction of belt travel and centered on the belt.

Flo-Control ™ Hood Design Technology

Adjustable material deflector (hood) lined with impact and abrasion resistant wear liners
are easily maintained to direct and concentrate
the material flow to the center of the chute.

Flo-Control ™ Spoon Design Technology

The adjustable impact and abrasion resistant lined “Spoon” bottom ensures that the material is ‘soft-loaded’ at approximately the same speed as the receiving conveyor, and is also properly center loaded on the conveyor, as well as designed to eliminate any flow restrictions that would cause potential build-up.