3-DEM® Chute Analysis Program


Transfer point design, fabrication and installation utilizing ASGCO®’s 3-DEM™
(Discrete Element Methods) chute analysis program, is a revolutionary way to handle
granular and particulate material. By streamlining the process from the point where
material leaves the head pulley, until it is deposited onto the receiving conveyor
for a more deliberate control of the material as it flows from one conveyor to another,
3-DEM™ Transfer Point Design controls the dust by keeping the column of material
together so that air does not become entrapped in the material flow, then forced
back out of the flow carrying dust when the material is loaded on the receiving belt.

These techniques are easily applied to both existing and new installations, resulting in significant cost improvements and system efficiency.

Improving Conveyor Belt Tracking and Reducing Airborne Dust

ASGCO® technicians thoroughly inspected the failing system and proposed a redesign of the existing transfer chute using advanced Flo-Control™ technology. The new design eliminated the off center loading conditions due to the varying coal load which caused belt mis-tracking and material spillage. The new design loads the coal onto the receiving belt directly in the center as it flows in the direction of belt travel. Airborne dust and spillage is virtually eliminated with this new design.