Original Equipment Manufacturers along with A&E firms have specific and specialized requirements for engineering, service and pricing. These accounts must have a dedicated level of support and engineering knowledge available from the key decision makers at our factory direct headquarters. In-house and on-site testing is done to make sure that actual performance matches the design objective.

We realize that OEM and A&E firms need the best products available at the lowest possible prices. We are committed to supplying you products, application experience and engineering expertise on a factory direct basis. We want you to rely on our product inventories and financial stability.

Our OEM Department and experienced engineers focus on the customers’ specific product requirements and performance. We understand that you have specialized needs for engineering, pricing and service and to develop a continuing relationship and a level of support that is only available on a direct-from-the-factory basis. In addition, ASGCO offers in-field service and support wherever the OEM equipment is sold and used worldwide.

Another option to help solve problems is the consignment of ASGCO inventory to the OEM’s warehouse. This provides instant product availability, while reducing the customer’s inventory costs.

Our goal is to supply you with our best products so you can maximize the quality of your finished product and gain market share while increasing your profitability and name recognition.