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New Heavy Duty Safe-Guard Fits CEMA E & F Roller Guards


Allentown, PA – December 26, 2007: The ASGCO SAFE-GUARD line that works on CEMA B, C, and D series idlers up to 7” in diameter, has now been expanded to include CEMA E & F return rollers. The transverse support of the new heavy duty SAFE-GUARD is angled to provide a more robust design that prevents bending and is sized to fit over your CEMA E & F return roller brackets. Both the mounting brackets as well as the end plates, are made from powder coated A-36 steel.

ASGCO has long recognized the importance of ensuring safety in the workplace. The lightweight, ASGCO SAFE-GUARD Return Idler Guard was designed to prevent injuries from pinch points and to catch the return idler if it should fall. Installation of SAFE-GUARD on your conveyor belt return idler helps to protect your workers from the hazard of contacting the exposed idler.

The durable UHMW slotted cage is designed to prevent material build-up and for easy clean-up. Removing just 2 stainless steel pins to drop open the side of the cage, gives you full access to the roller and allows for ease of replacement and maintenance.

All ASGCO SAFE-GUARD’s are fully adjustable for a wide range of idler sizes and belt widths up to 96”.