ASGCO® Integrates Point Cloud Scanning Technology Into ASGCO® Conveyor Safety Product Installation at A Mid-West Coal Fired Power Plant.

Challenge: Due to fire prevention in coal handling facilities, the plant required a turn-key
installation that did not require a “burn permit”, thus all safe guarding panel railing and hardware
had to be bolted onto existing conveyor structures and bolt hole patterns. The project required
a very strict pre-installation measurement tolerance, that provided precise, accurate coordinates.
This need for accuracy was extremely important in the prefabricating of the safe guarding
fastening system onto the existing conveyor structures (such as existing holes, detouring around
piping conduit and emergency stops). The plant had very limited down time and called for
quick and efficient installation turnaround time.

Solutions: ASGCO®’s services provided an onsite Point Cloud Scanning survey (two people @ 8 hours)
for all (3) conveyors that required safe-guarding equipment. The ASGCO® Point Cloud scanning survey
provided “as built” 3D imagery that enabled ASGCO® engineering to design and fabricate “bolt-up”
safe-guard railings with precise accuracy, so that no onsite welding or cutting would be required.
ASGCO®’s Safe-Guard® Modular Conveyor Flat Guard panels with “drop pin and wedge” design,
would benefit in quick conveyor component access for plant personnel in preventive maintenance
(PM) and future conveyor component installation works, while preventing workers from unauthorized
access and away from moving parts and equipment.

Results: ASGCO®’s installation crew of four (4) people, was able to install 690′ of guarding in three
(3) days (12 hour shifts each day). No welding, cutting or grinding was required, due to the accuracy
attained from the infield ASGCO® Point Cloud scanning 3D imagery. All components bolted-up
without a hitch. The plant is now eager to proceed on four (4) more conveyors that need safe-guarding.