ASGCO®’s Skirting and Load Zone Products Help Eliminate Spillage and Extend Conveyor Belt Life

Challenge: A cement plant’s clinker recycling belt was experiencing extreme load zone spillage with the inherent high operating expenses, time consuming fugitive material cleanup costs, OSHA fines and belt damage (multi-yearly belt replacements). Recycled clinker (has fluid like properties) was creating a challenge to contain due to spillage escaping from multiple areas. The solution for this clinker belt load zone required a number of upgrades to eliminate the spillage.

ASGCO® recommended replacing all of the 20° impact idlers with ASGCO®’s Fabrication Shop 35° skirt wall and supports. Increasing the troughling angle (to increase loading capacity) and matching the latter conveyor run 35° troughing idlers. The ASGCO® skirtboard system included an integrated ASGCO® Tail Box, taller skirt boards (16’L X 16”H) with ASGCO® Z-Plate, ASGCO® Double Clamp Mounts and Support Legs (all pre-engineered and pre-fabricated for a precise in-field fit). In addition, ASGCO® suggested installing (2) two ASGCO® Slide-N-Roll Impact Beds in the load zone to eliminate belt sag and create a flat surface for the skirt-sealing system, and adding ASGCO® Abrasion Resistant AR400 Internal Liners (angled) to contour systematically with ASGCO® Z-Plate and ASGCO® Multi-Seal. Providing a highly reliable and positive sealing system for the load zone.

Following ASGCO’s improvements, dust emissions and spillages have been completely eliminated, the conveyor’s belt life has more than tripled and the ability to service the belt has improved drastically. Overall, the load zone is operating more efficiently and clean up costs have significantly decreased.