July Solutions 2014

ASGCO®’s Armorite® Increases Wear-Plate Life at Copper Mine Concentrator.



amorite-wear-plate-imageDue to the highly abrasive ore properties and the occasional 2”-3” steel balls from the SAG mills made this application very difficult for the mine. The average life of previous wear plates from two different manufacturers was on average about 6-8 weeks. Both the previously supplied carbide wear plates were cracking due to the high impact of the ore and simply do not provide the wear protection the mine was looking for.


After reviewing the application, it was determined that the Armorite® was the Solution to this problem. The extremely hard, laminated bi-metallic, wear resistant composite provides maximum impact and abrasion protection in high wear areas, with the mild steel backing cushioning the white iron, enabling it to withstand the impact. The pieces of Armorite® wear plate were welded into place and showed excellent results. Within 9 months of weekly, then monthly monitoring, the customer realized how great the product was. The mine now estimates the Armorite® wear liners will give them approximately 1 year of life before change outs.


“The Armorite® Wear Liners provided 6 times longer wear life than the previous brand wear plates!!!”