March Solutions 2015 ASGCO® Helps Copper Processing Port Facility to Improve Material Flow and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Constant exposure to salt moisture, copper concentrate and high humidity in a marine shipping terminal cause standard steel components on many belt cleaning systems to decompose and ultimately fail.

March 2015 ASGCO® Helps Improve Material Flow_Before-After

A copper concentrate processing plant in a marine port facility was experiencing poor results
from its existing conveyor belt precleaners mainly due to the standard steel tensioners
constantly failing due to the corrosive environment.  This caused the blade to lose belt contact,
allowing fouling carryback to enter the return side of the system.  This leads to many adverse
complications and costly downtime for repairs and maintenance.


After surveying the conveyor system ASGCO® technicians recommended installing a
Skalper® Belt Cleaning System. The Skalper® uses the highest quality 304 Stainless Steel
tensioning system, which is impervious to corrosion. The Skalper®’s one piece urethane
blade maintains precise contact with the belt at all times, effectively removing residue
before it can enter the return side of the system. And along with the highly corrosive resistant
zinc plated mounting tube, the Skalper® provided our customers with a belt cleaner that
could handle the most extreme conditions even after long periods of exposure to rust
and contamination.

As illustrated in the photos right, it’s clear that the material residue has been effectively
removed from the belt, and diminishing the possibility of fouling return idlers and
other components. This dramatically reduced maintenance labor costs and downtime.


Skalper® Primary Belt Cleaner:

Our newly enhanced Skalper® series of conveyor belt pre-cleaners have
been installed and have solved carry-back problems all over the world.
The simple and highly effective Skalper® belt cleaner removesMarch 2015 ASGCO® Helps Improve Material Flow
carry-back from the conveyor system.

  • Skalper® (patented) one piece blade maintains an effective
    cleaning edge throughout the life of the blade.
  • E-Z Torque® (patented) torsion style tensioning system
    provides a constant consistent tension throughout the life
    of the blade.
  • Quick blade change outs and minimal maintenance.