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August 12, 2013

ASGCO® Announces Their New Sure Grip Belt Clamps!

Allentown, PA.:  ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solution’s” announces our newest addition in our line of Safe-Guard® safety conveyor products. The patented Sure Grip™ Belt Clamps were created for maximum grip! Sure Grip™ offers exceptional belt clamping for all types of conveyor belt maintenance in a variety of working conditions.

Sure Grip Belt Clamps are the only conveyor belt clamps that provide a positive even pressure across the entire width of the conveyor belt and do not require the belt to be pulled (tensioned) in order to apply pressure to the clamps.

Features Benefits

  • Unique Design – of our patented Sure Grip™ Belt Clamp allows for a gripping force that far exceeds all competitive solutions.
  • Available in Two (2) Versions for Different Jobs –
  • BC5 (5 Ton): for medium duty coal and coal fired power plants; copper and gold mining; iron ore and steel mills; bulk shipping terminals; aggregate and cement and mineral mining; pulp and paper mills.
         • Max Belt Thickness: 1” (25mm)
  • BC7 (7 Ton): for heavy duty wide conveyor belts in coal and coal fired power plants; copper and gold mining; iron ore and steel mills; and bulk shipping terminals.
         • Max Belt Thickness: 2” (50mm)
  • Provides Even Tensioning Across the Entire Belt Width – No need to inventory different clamp bars in different widths.
  • Designed for Use in Any Condition
  • Easy to Transport and Assemble – All parts are made of high grade, lightweight steel. The bolt is not removed from the clamp and the Sure Grip™ stays assembled to minimize damage/loss.  

About ASGCO®
ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” founded in 1971 and headquartered in Allentown, PA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of proprietary conveyor and screening equipment and accessories that improve the safety and performance of bulk material handling systems.

ASGCO® is a diversified and innovative company with three major divisions that serve specific targets of the material handling industry. The growth of the company, over the years, is due to recognized improvements in the efficiency, safety and productivity of our customers operations.  At ASGCO® we continue to strive to make the handling of bulk materials more efficient, safer, and more productive. 

Visit our website at Contact us toll-free at (800) 344-4000.

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