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For Immediate Release
December 8, 2017

ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” has announced the results of their month long corporate giving campaign for the Salvation Army and Houston Humane Society.  ASGCO® Employees donated a total of $1825, which ASGCO® matched to bring the total to $3650 collected for these extremely important humanitarian and animal welfare organizations serving the storm ravaged region.

“We’re very proud of the contributions our employees made to these deserving organizations that help so many people and pets in the Houston area.  If these funds make a positive impact for even one family or one pet it will have been well worth our efforts.  ASGCO® has a proud history of corporate giving and seeing the good it can do.  We look forward to continuing to provide help when we can to causes both national and global,” said Aaron Gibbs, third generation operator of ASGCO®.  “It was inspiring to see how engaged our employees became when they had the opportunity to contribute to the fundraising and really increase our matching contribution.  It also started a much broader conversation about other ways ASGCO® can make a positive impact in the communities we operate in.”

ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” has long been an active contributor to many charitable organizations and promotes the culture of giving and community awareness throughout its corporation.


About ASGCO®:
ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” founded in 1971 and headquartered in Allentown, PA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of proprietary conveyor and screening equipment and accessories that improve the safety and performance of bulk material handling systems.

ASGCO® is a diversified and innovative company with three major divisions that serve specific targets of the material handling industry. The growth of the company, over the years, is due to recognized improvements in the efficiency, safety and productivity of our customers operations. At ASGCO® we continue to strive to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer, and more productive.

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