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February17, 2015

ASGCO®’s New Dura-Tuff Skirting System

Allentown, PA.:   ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solution’s” new Dura-Tuff Skirting System is now produced with a  new urethane formula for superior performance in the toughest environments! In today’s bulk handling industry, dust and material containment is critical to the performance of an optimized conveyor system. Traditional skirting can be an effective solution, but some hard rock materials pose the risk of damaging soft rubber skirting systems, rendering the system compromised.  ASGCO®’s Dura-Tuff Urethane Skirting System was designed specifically for the demands of such operations.  Manufactured from extremely tough 62 durometer polyurethane, Dura-Tuff delivers sealing that lasts 3-5x longer than traditional rubber skirting systems.

Dura-Tuff is available in 50’ rolls with beveled edges to match the troughing angle of your conveyor system, thus eliminating the break in period required to achieve maximum seal.  In environments with highly abusive materials, Dura-Tuff has been proven to endure the demands of hard rock like granite, trap rock, iron, copper and gold ore as well as highly abrasive oil sands.  It is also proven an effective seal on high-speed and reversing belts.  When traditional conveyor skirting materials can’t hold up to the rigors of extreme environments, ASGCO®’s Dura-Tuff urethane skirting system is the solution!

Features & Benefits

  • 62 Durometer Polyurethane Construction– The most durable skirting material available today
  • Beveled Edges – Instantly matches a variety of troughing angles for instant seal with no break-in.
  • Compatible and Effective on High Speed Belts
  • Versatile – For use in both wet and dry conditions, including reversing belts.
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG)– ASGCO®’s unmatched customer service policy ensures your satisfaction.

About ASGCO®
ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” founded in 1971 and headquartered in Allentown, PA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of proprietary conveyor and screening equipment and accessories that improve the safety and performance of bulk material handling systems.

ASGCO® is a diversified and innovative company with three major divisions that serve specific targets of the material handling industry. The growth of the company, over the years, is due to recognized improvements in the efficiency, safety and productivity of our customers operations.  At ASGCO® we continue to strive to make the handling of bulk materials more efficient, safer, and more productive.

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