Design Features
  • Designed and proven for tracking lightweight conveyor  belting in the food and material handling industries
  • Internal pivot provides fast reaction  to track the conveyor belt to the center of the system.
  • Urethane covered and tapered ends  provide self-cleaning and high coefficient of friction to train the belt
  • Easy installation  and no maintenance
  • Vibration free  rolling action
  • Simple design  few moving parts
  • No contact with belt edge
  • Operates in all conditions – wet and dry conveyors

Great solutions for your belting issues.

The Tru-Trainer® idler has a patented internal pivot that is perpendicular to the plane of the belt. Since the surface of the belt remains in contact with the roller over the entire width of the belt, the training action is far more effective then the conventional style of training idlers. As the belt starts to move off-center it will contact the tapered section of the roller on that side of the belt. The effect of this will be to force the roller to pivot on its central pivot causing the belt to come to its original position. Once the roller has steered the conveyor belt back to the center, the opposite side of the belt will contact the taper on the opposite ends of the idler and this will cause the idler to realign itself perpendicular to the belt.

• Available in Belt Width 12” – 48”

• Lagging – Covered with FDA Approved Food Grade Polyurethane


Application – Food Industry

Part Numbers

Tru-Trainer® Food Grade Idler

Part Number Belt Width in. Type Bearing Shaft DIA Roll DIA Weight lbs
ASG-FGFR-12 12 LP 30 5.25 37
ASG-FGFR-16 16 LP 30 5.25 40
ASG-FGFR-18 18 LP 30 5.25 40
ASG-FGFR-20 20 LP 30 5.25 42
ASG-FGFR-24 24 LP 45 5.25 44
ASG-FGFR-30 30 LP 45 5.25 44
ASG-FGFR-32 32 LP 45 5.25 46
ASG-FGFR-36 36 LP 45 5.25 46
ASG-FGFR-40 40 N+T 45 5.25 48
ASG-FGFR-42 42 N+T 45 5.75 62
ASG-FGFR-48 48 N+T 45 5.75 66
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