Customer Satisfaction

At ASGCO® we believe in providing prompt reliable service to every client, every time. We always think and work in terms of solutions that are best for the customer in the long term.


We really appreciate the hospitality and professionalism that we were shown while at your facilities. The classroom portion of the training was   very informative but we really enjoyed the hands on training on the operational conveyor.

I feel ASGCO’s primary cleaners are head and shoulders above some of your competitors and look forward to trying a couple of them here at  Sandow. I believe once properly installed they will sell themselves.

Carl R. Alexander Jr., MLT I, THERM I
Maintenance Supervisor
Luminant – Sandow SES


You and your team exceeded our expectations. Your professionalism and product knowledge are second to none. Your innovation and manufacturing capabilities are world class. Your warehousing and logistics are well organized and effective. Your people are enthusiastic and empowered. Your hospitality is generous and genuine.

Your leadership proves it’s value through every facet of your organization.

Tony Gilman, Plant Manager
Luckstone – Rockville Plant, Rockville, Virginia



I talked to you a couple of weeks ago about the ASGCO® return idler changer we recently installed on one of our 72” conveyor belts at Fording River Operations.

This unit is really a game changer for me, not only will it allow us to replace our return idlers in a fraction of the time it previously took, (probably 75% less time) but the process is now much safer due to the fact that we no longer have to try and stand or kneel under a conveyor belt in a curved, sloped, and sometimes slippery conveyor tube, while trying to physically lift a 130 lb. return idler in place.

It also seems to be a well designed, sturdy product. Our plan is to install several
of these idler changers on our conveyor belts in the future.

Greg Sullivan, Process Serviceman
Fording River Operations, Elkford BC, Canada


I would like to commend all of the guys you sent to our facility today. I was incredibly impressed by each one of them. Typical contractors on our site take hand holding to ensure that all of our safety requirements are met. Your employees were the exact opposite. They chocked their wheels without our reminding, came prepared with locks and tags, tied off when using their come-a-longs on the take up, and went through our SLAM risk assessment with us before starting work.

Please ensure that their supervisor receives my gratitude for sending these guys our way. I will personally be requesting them the next time we receive your repeat business. Very nice job.

Paul Phillips, Plant Superintendent
Unimin Corporation


I just wanted to let you know that your service team (Hassin, Bruce and Corbin) did an excellent job replacing the conveyor belt for us.  They had great attitudes and very easy to work with.

Again, thanks for sending such a great service team to replace this belt for us!

Matt Detweiler, 
Maintenance Manager
Towamencin Municipal Authority



Our Baltimore crew did a complicated job for a marine terminal. The job required much upfront work for the crew. While on this job our crew had a Safety Audit done.

There were 35 items and procedures reviewed on the Audit…..Out of 140 points – this team got 140 points.

Comments on the audit were:
“Very Safety Oriented and worked well communicating with us around rail cars”

Kudos to this team of guys, they did an outstanding job!

Beth Hertzler
Safety Director ASGCO® Manufacturing, Inc.


At 10:30 Friday evening I received a call from James Geiger the shift foreman at ICM, Paradise quarry. He expressed an immediate need for 155′ of 24″ 2 ply belt as well as 4 troughing idlers. I called Bob La Due, our Service Manager and he took care of all the logistics. The materials were delivered before 2:00am.

I then met with Larry Lefever, Maintenance Supervisor for Paradise, Devault, and Talmage quarries. Larry expressed his sincere appreciation for the great service. The above was for the wash plant and they are extremely busy and couldn’t afford any down time. This is a job well done by Bob and his team.

Larry Bragg, ASGCO® Conveyor Belt
  Accessories and Service


I want to personally thank Jeff Jurasits & John Hitzfeld for their efforts in Nevada! As always, my company’s relationship with ASGCO® and their staff has been nothing but exceptional.

Again, I thank everyone at ASGCO® for their support.


Dave Corson, President
Industrial Mining Supply