Vibrating Dribble Chute


Prevents Buildup In Conveyor Dribble Chutes

The ASGCO® Vibrating Dribble Chute combines a vibrator with a unique isolation mount and a low-friction UHMW chute liner to prevent buildup in dribble chutes.

Features and BenefitsVibrating Dribble Chute_part number_web

Vibrating Liner Keeps Material Moving – Keep material accumulations
from clogging chute and burying cleaners.

Liner Cuts Buildup – Low-friction UHMW lining promotes material
flow without accumulation. Each liner is 1/2″ thick by belt width and
36″ in length. Custom size liners can be made at customers’ request.

“Isolation” Bracket Protects Chute – Rubber-lined bracket
transfers vibration to liner without metal fatigue.

Rugged Vibrator Provides Precise Performance – 115 Volt 60HZ
Single Phase (with switchbox) Electric Vibrator provides 480 lbs of Force
with durable performance. Other vibrators are dependent upon chute
size and are available by customers’ request.