Corrects Belt Slippage And Premature Wear

MSHA approved for mine use – meets all requirements for flame resistant solid products taken into mines. Acceptance Marking No. MSHA IC -174/2

Increase Productivity – by delivering increased traction between the conveyor belt and pulley, and increasing pulley life and reducing buildup.

Improved Conveyor Belt Tracking – due to the Arrowhead patterns self-cleaning ability, which reduces material carry-back build up and thereby eliminates the major source of misalignment.

Superior Wear – ability in abrasive or highly wet or dry applications as seen in below ground and above ground mining.

Bonding Strength – that is superior to others, due to 3mm of our neoprene compound vulcanized into bottom-side of the lagging.

Easy Installation – can be done in place, on plant site, at your local distributor or at the pulley manufacturer. Each roll is ½” or ¾” thick x 10” wide by 21.3’ long. 300’ (90m) long rolls will be available in January of 2006.

Available – in Drive and Non-Drive Rubber Pulley Lagging and Natural and MSHA Grade


Natural & MSHA Grade – pulley lagging.

Designed – specifically for higher drive friction factors and increased service life in contaminated conditions.

Self cleaning – of the pulley surface occurs due to spaces between the pads and double grooving.



Thickness – 5/8” and 1”

Width – 10” (400 mm)

Length – 21.3’

Rolls – 300’ (90m)

Part Numbers

Arrowhead™ Rubber Pulley Lagging

Part Number Style Durometer Thickness Width Weight lbs
ASG-10X21.33-1/2-TRL Drive 60 1/2" 10 42
ASG-10X21.33-3/4-TRL Drive 60 3/4" 10 60
ASG-10X21.33-1/2-TRL-PLN Smooth 60 1/2" 10 48
ASG-10X21.33-1/2-TRL-SM Smooth 45 1/2" 10 52
ASG-10X278-1/2-TRL Drive 60 1/2" 10 626

Part Numbers

Arrowhead™ MSHA Rubber Lagging

Part Number Style Durometer Thickness Width Weight lbs
ASG-10X21.33-1/2-MSHA-TRL Arrowhead 60 1/2" 10 42
ASG-10X21.33-3/4-MSHA-TRL Arrowhead 60 3/4" 10 56
ASG-10X278-1/2-MSHA-TRL Arrowhead 65 1/2" 10 626
ASG-10X21.33-1/2-MSHA-PLN Smooth 60 1/2" 10 51