Design Features
  • Fully Enclosed – the Wash Box™ system provides excellent cleaning while containing the wash waste fluid.
  • Removable Inspection and Service Door – on each side, with wash down hose included.
  • Dual Sets of Razor-Back® Secondary Cleaners – and dry wipe.
  • Two Spray Bars, Nozzles and Valves – soften the carry-back and provides gentle cleaning.
  • Equal Pressure – Snub Idler provides equal pressure on both Razor-Back® cleaners.
  • 6” NPT Drain Pipe
  • Available in – Stainless Steel, Galvanized and Powder Coated. Each steel enclosed box is equipped with a combination of pressure rollers, spray bars and Razor-Back® belt cleaners.

Wash Box™ Spray Bar

The Wash Box™ Spray Bars, apply an optimal spray of water which softens the carry-back for a gentle cleaning made by the secondary cleaner. To maximize the effectiveness the Wash- Box™ “wash down” bar cleans the drain pan for any remaining carry-back to prevent clogging.


Product Specifications

Maximum Belt Speed – 1000 (5.0 m/sec)

Applications – Coal Fired Power Plants, Bulk Shipping Terminals, Coal Preparation Plants, Underground Mining, Hard Rock Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining

Part Numbers

ASGCO® Wash Box™ Stainless Steel


Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight lbs
M-ASG-WB-24-SYS-SS 24 600 438
M-ASG-WB-30-SYS-SS 30 750 548
M-ASG-WB-36-SYS-SS 36 900 658
M-ASG-WB-42-SYS-SS 42 1070 766
M-ASG-WB-48-SYS-SS 48 1200 876
M-ASG-WB-54-SYS-SS 54 1350 986
M-ASG-WB-60-SYS-SS 60 1500 1095
M-ASG-WB-72-SYS-SS 72 1800 1314
M-ASG-WB-78-SYS-SS 78 1950 1423
M-ASG-WB-84-SYS-SS 84 2100 1532

Solutions Case Studies

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