Tru-Trainer® Dual Return Urethane Idler


Tru-Trainer® Dual Return Urethane Idlers (Mine Duty)

The Tru-Trainer® Urethane Dual Return was developed to accommodate the excessive forces encountered with wide belts and heavy loads. An external central pivot mechanism was designed, obviating the need for a single, large drum, and enabling a concentric and balanced rotation to be achieved.

Features & Benefits
  • Designed for High Speed/PIW Conveyors – to operate and last is severe conditions, wet and dry, and aggressive mining conditions.
    – Conveyor belt speeds that exceed 800 fpm and/or greater than 1500 PIW.
  • Heavy Duty Rolls – 3/4″ polyurethane lagged, tapered rollers are mounted onto the pivot mechanism, which can be individually replaced as wear occurs.
  • Enhanced Sealing/Bearing System – needle thrust and tapered roller bearings and enhanced sealing system for the most aggressive mining conditions.
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG) – to solve your conveyor belt training problems and make your overall conveyor system run more efficiently.
  • Excellent for Reversing Belt Applications.