PRO-ZONE™ Modular Conveyor Belt Load Zone System


The world’s first advanced containment and dust control solution for conveyed bulk material products.


This “skirt-less”, fully self-contained system is comprised of our Slide-N-Roll beds with our removable, “slide-out” steel side supports with UHMW bars and easily removable center rolls. Walls, internal sealing system, dust curtains, back plate and flat lids completely enclose the entire system.

Design Features
  • Environmentally Friendly due to significant reduction of airborne and fugitive dust.
  • Increased Productivity and longer conveyor belt life because the completely sealed load zone helps eliminate material turbulence and conveyor belt cover abrasion.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs by having a “skirt-less”, fully contained system that needs no adjustments of metal skirtboards or rubber skirting.
  • Modular Design can be installed in any combination of 4’ (1200mm) or 5’ (1500mm) lengths to completely cover load zone area. Quickly removable lids, slide-out side sections and removable center rolls aid in the installation and maintenance of the system.
  • Made in the USA completely engineered, designed, fabricated and stock in the USA.


Load Zone Chute

Inlet The load zone chute inlet allows the product to be discharged onto the belt by tying into the existing chute flange.

Dust Curtain

The front dust curtain slows down dust velocity without obstructing the passage of larger granular material along the conveyor. Its can be fitted to all types of Pro-Zone™ lids and is mounted to the specially fitted flat lid.

Back Plate

The back plate forms a seal at the back of the Pro-Zone™. Not suitable for 2 way belts.

Internal Liner Options

The walls are designed to hold ASGCO® Urethane Canoe Liners or AR400 Liners and Dura-Seal™ Skirting, to prevent material spillage and dust.

 Idler Roller – removable center rolls ensure ease of access and total safety.

The Pro-Zone™ Systems – are available in 4’ with 2 cross beam support and 5’ with 3 cross beam support with optional inspection door. Can be custom made to meet desire goal.

Accessories – Optional Load Zone Chute, Dust Curtain, Black Plate, Internal Liner, Tru-Trainer Belt Tracking Idler, Optional Chute Inspection Doors, V-Plow XD™ and Safe-Guard™ Return Idler Guard.


Applications – Underground Mining, Coal Fired Power Plant, Hard Rock Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Metals (Copper/gold), Aggregate, Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining, Sand & Gravel, Redi-Mix and Asphalt, Cement, Wood Processing Recycling

Pro-Zone™ Systems – Can be custom made to meet desire goal. 4’ (1200mm) & 5’ (1500mm) section available

Trough Angle – available in 20°, 35° and 45°

Part Numbers

Pro-Zone™ with 2 Supports

Center rolls not Included

Part Number Belt Width in. Blade Width mm. Weight Lbs
M-ASGPZ-18-2-48-2-(XX) 18 450 215
M-ASGPZ-24-4-48-2-(XX) 24 600 287
M-ASGPZ-30-4-48-2-(XX) 30 750 359
M-ASGPZ-36-6-48-2-(XX) 36 900 430
M-ASGPZ-42-6-48-2-(XX) 42 1050 502
M-ASGPZ-48-6-48-2-(XX) 48 1200 574
M-ASGPZ-54-8-48-2-(XX) 54 1350 646
M-ASGPZ-60-8-48-2-(XX) 60 1500 717
M-ASGPZ-72-10-48-2-(XX) 72 1800 861

Part Numbers

Pro-Zone™ with 3 Supports

Center rolls not included

Part Number Belt Width in. Belt Width mm. Weight Lbs.
M-ASGPZ-18-2-60-3-(XX) 18 600 262
M-ASGPZ-24-4-60-3-(XX) 24 600 350
M-ASGPZ-30-4-60-3-(XX) 30 750 437
M-ASGPZ-36-6-60-3-(XX) 36 900 525
M-ASGPZ-42-6-60-3-(XX) 42 1050 612
M-ASGPZ-48-6-60-3-(XX) 48 1200 699
M-ASGPZ-54-8-60-3-(XX) 54 1350 717
M-ASGPZ-60-8-60-3-(XX) 60 1500 874
M-ASGPZ-72-10-60-3-(XX) 72 1800 1049

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