Safe-Guard® Conveyor Chute Inspection Doors


Safe-Guard® Conveyor Chute Inspection Doors

Safe-Guard ® Conveyor Chute Inspection and Access Doors are necessary part of any material handling system. Add an Inspection Door to your existing head chute for safe access to cleaners and chute clean out.


Inspection Door_Standard_Heavy

Inspection Doors

Low Profile Steel Construction
EPDM dust seal withstand temperatures 40°F to 200°F
Designed 45° flange frame to prevent fines from accumulation
Quick and Easy Installation
Custom Size Available
Heavy Duty and Standard Size Available

Screen Guard

Standard on every door for safe equipment inspection
Provides a safe manner to visibly inspect chute
Prohibit extremities to break the plane of the chute area
Requires the use of tools to safely open the screen which
complies with most safety regulations


To be in compliance with OSHA and MSHA, the installation
of safety-oriented products can help create a safer plant that
is easier to service and maintain. See OSHA and MSHA
guidelines for safety compliance.

Safe Guard Inspection Door Chart