The ASGCO® Safe-Guard® line of conveyor safety products ensure safety in the workplace! Guard against moving conveyor equipment and protect your workers from injury!

Quick and Modular Set-Up
  • Available in various standard and custom sizes.
  • Drop pin / wedge clamps holds the guard securely.
  • Available in two patterns, Square/Oval.
  • Mounting brackets, wedge clamps and wedge clips are sold separately.
  • Call for custom guards, floor posts and rail assemblies
  • Safety yellow powder coated steel for high visibility.
  • Designed for use on multiple safety locations.
  • Keeps workers away from moving parts and pinch points on the conveyor.

The installation of safety-oriented products can help create a safer plant that is easier to service and maintain.

See OSHA and MSHA guidelines for safety compliance.



Safety Guage The Safety Gauge was developed to determine guard mounting distances based on the maximum opening sizes in the guarding. The standard ensures that any body part which can fit through the mesh won’t be able to contact the pinch point inside.

Wedge Clamps – The Safe-Guard® Wedge Clamps allows for easy removal of panels. Use of a cable tie in the closed position meets MSHA and OSHA safety standards.

Drop Pin/Wedge Clamps – hold guard securely, MSHA and OSHA safety standard.

Set-Up – Quick and modular, no welding or cutting required.

Designed – for use on multiple safety locations




Available – in various standard and custom sizes.

Pattern Opening Size – 5/8” x 1-5/8” and 1”x2”

Available Pattern – Square and Oval

Compliant – Meet MSHA, OSHA and Canadian Safety Standards.

Part Numbers

Safe-Guard® Flat Conveyor Guards & Hardware

Call for pricing for custom size guards and floor posts and rail assemblies

Part Number Guard Size Opening Size Weight LBS
ASG-SGF-24X48-1 24" x 48" (Standard) 5/8" x 1-5/8" 16
ASG-SGF-24X60-1 24" x 60" (Standard) 5/8" x 1-5/8" 20
ASG-SGF-30X48-1 30" x 48" (Standard) 5/8" x 1-5/8" 19
ASG-SGF-36X48-1 36" x 48" (Standard) 5/8" x 1-5/8" 22
ASG-SGF-24X48-2 24" x 48" (Large) 1' x 2" 14
ASG-SGF-24X60-2 24" x 60" (Large) 1" x 2" 18
ASG-SGF-30X48-2 30" x 48" (Large) 1" x 2" 17
ASG-SGF-36X48-2 36" x 48" (large) 1" x 2" 16
ASG-SGF-SC Single Clip NA 1
ASG-SGF-DC Double Clip NA 1
ASG-SGF-WCA Wedge Clamp NA 1
ASG-CGH Handle NA 1
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